Cooking recipes website (2004)

While brainstorming about life and what everyone wanted from it, a summer some 5-6 years ago (2004 ish :P) by the seaside with a host of mates and lasses, it came to my attention that everyone would praise as a list topping priority: Food 🙂

In Greece, at that time we had about 2-3 websites with recipes and none of them, after some quick skimming, had variety nor the features I would like to see in a website about cooking recipes.

So I went ahead and registered the domain: ( greek-lish for recipes) and everyone was happy that we soon should have our very own recipe website.

Thus it came to life. Well sort of ..:D.

At first, there was light, that is a bunch of custom made PHP scripts.

Then came Joomla and another custom made module that is fully functional and quite nice as well!

But my personal Holy Grail has always been the endless questing for new knowledge. So the latest iteration of is actually based on the Drupal CMS. My newly acquainted colleagues (2006 :P) praised so much Drupal as a content management system, that I had to give it a try!

Needless to say, I was hooked on the architecture immediately (Drupal 5.x at the time). All in all, it is a very interesting experience and of course, you can never know enough on any subject.

It is still in the building process, need ideas, a spanking template and of course recipes for it, loads of them. The good thing is I am an eager cooker myself and cooking at a minimum couple of times per week both proper food and deserts.

I hope it grows quickly and thanks to everyone for their suggestions and the heads up. Keep that coming please 😀

Check it out here:


OOP Programming – Best book ever for free..

Not much to say about this one.

Phenomenal teacher – writer Bruce Eckel has wrote one of the best Java books i have encountered. Intuitive and skilled he covers almost everything, without hindering even a newcomer to OOP languages, in the great series of Thinking in Java.

Quoting the MAN himself : “When I think of a chapter in the book, I think in terms of what makes a good lesson during a seminar. My goal is to get bite-sized pieces that can be taught in a reasonable amount of time, followed by exercises that are feasible to accomplish in a classroom situation.

In my opinion his approach is one of the best.Go ahead and see for your selves. 😀

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