Free image hosting

I was on the usual administrative spree that gets to every “sane” IT fella every once in a while..

In the process i was checking the analytics and traffic for one of the projects i undertook ,for the sake of learning some more advanced concepts of php and file handling in an unsafe e.g Internet, environment.

I was very pleased to see lots of people using ,in a great range of websites from blogs and forums to myspace and facebook, an quite old project i made back in 2003, namely

Getting recommended as an image hosting service, from one the most notorious writers in (one of the best Greek personal computer related forums), is just to great an honour.

It seems that free image hosting is never getting old and what’s better than a hassle free, simple upload your photo and get ready html – BB code to use in facebook, myspace, forums?

To be  honest i had almost forgot about that project but its getting a refurbish quite soon with some nice upgrades to size limitations etc..

Thanks for the vote peeps.

See you soon.