Reliability – Server Die Hard compaq 1260.

Compaq Presario 1260 PC Laptops and PC Notebooks

Compaq Presario 1260

Key Features
Laptop Type Mid-Size Laptop
Use Home Use
Processor   What is "Processor"? K6-2 333 MHz
Installed Memory   What is "Installed Memory"? 64 MB (SDRAM)
Display 12.1 in. TFT Active Matrix
Operating System Microsoft Windows 98
Weight 3.3 kg

Bought in 1996 and worked his ass off since 2006 (when it was revived with a memory upgrade of a whooping 128mb sodimm module 😀 ),as a mysql – apache server for 2 dynamic ,3 static (low traffic) websites and svn for 2 teams of developers plus a brilliant pack-mule for my various experiments 😀

Shutdown cause of upgrade not a failure.

Cheers you black mean machine,i send thee to Valhalla!

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